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Smart Dustbin using Internet of Things and GPS System

What is the smart dustbin using Arduino and GPS?

Smart bins are an intelligent waste management system. They have wireless ultrasonic fill-level sensors embedded inside which detect how full the bin is and then, through the IoT, this data is sent to a cloud-based monitoring and analytics platform. On the basis of this data, waste collection services can optimise their routes and frequency.

Block Diagram:

Smart dustbin Advantages

1. Save Time and money

2. Healthy Environments

3. Reduces manpower

Project Aim:

In the present day scenario people are facing lots of problems in waste collection and management. Overflowing of wastes in the garbage bins causes many problems to the nearby peoples and also pollutes the environment. Finding the garbage bins whether it is filled or not is very difficult. For that we introduce our system to solve this problem. It will save the time and it also prevents the environment from pollution. This method is used automatically to identify the level of bins and the send data to the cloud and display it using web page or app. Micro controller is used to process the data from the ultrasonic sensor and the NODE MCU is used to send the data to the cloud. Garbage level can be detected by using the ultrasonic sensor and the GPS is used to find out the exact location of the bin and that information can be send to the truck driver. With the help of that message, truck driver can identify the location and the status of the bins. This method also has temperature sensor to find out the temperature of the garbage bin.

Components Required

· NodeMCU (ESP8266)

· Ultrasonic sensor

· GPS Module

Software used

· Arduino IDE

· Blynk cloud

Real time Implementation:


Cloud layout:

Final Output:

In the above image we can see an app layout to the left side, which gives the details of our designed smartbin and it displays the parameters:



Human Distance from the bin,

Bin Level

Level of garbage inside the bin

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