IoT using Micropython Introduction

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2 min readOct 25, 2022

Internet of Things (IoT) using Micropython is ideal for those new to embedded systems and Internet of Things (IoT) world. Students can quickly learn to program for micro-controllers and IoT devices or projects without a lot of study and time.

Using Micropythyon and supported Micrcontrollers, we can create IoT applications and devices easier and in no time.

We teach you everything from scratch from Micropython programming to building IoT projects on your own. We takes a practical and hands-on approach without a lot of bypass into the depths of subject.

We provide specific examples covering a range of supported devices, actuators, sensors, and MicroPython boards such as ESP32, Raspberry Pi Pico W, ESP8266 and other boards.

Learn to IoT using Micropython and build IoT projects using series of medium stories (publications).


Through medium, we teach you the following topics and projects

  1. Introducing MicroPython
  2. MicroPython Hardware
  3. How to Program in MicroPython
  4. MicroPython Libraries
  5. Basic Electronics
  6. MicroPython programming
  7. Blinking an Led project
  8. Interfacing Sensors
  9. Interfacing Actuators
  10. Interfacing Screens
  11. Introduction to Internet of Things?
  12. WiFi and Internet
  13. IoT Cloud Platform
  14. Smart Applets
  15. Panic health care Button Project
  16. Smart Irrigation System using Thingspeak
  17. Home Automation
  18. Voice Controlled Home Automation
  19. Real Time Air Quality Monitoring
  20. Real time Health Monitoring using IoT

References (to the topics we cover in this course):

  1. Micropython
  2. Thingspeak- IoT Analytics Platform
  3. Blynk: IoT Platform
  4. IFTTT: Automation
  5. ESP32 Development Board
  6. Raspberry Pi Pico
  7. Google Voice Assistant

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Bapuji Kanaparthi