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Farm Water level Monitoring and Control using IoT


Most of the natural resources around us are really at the verge of wane due to the human’s lack of caring. Water is one of the primary elements for our existence of life around us and also the primary source for most of the agriculture. Recently done research studies show that nearly 50% of fresh water resources are wasted due to improper waste management system. In the designed system, we aim to provide an efficient water management system for agriculture fields. This IoT based approach helps in integration of sensors, cloud storage etc. The solution proposed offers decision making techniques — automatic electric power cut, generates alert messages for the relevant users in their smartphones when there’s an excess water usage. It really helps us to monitor the water level in both the water tank and soil remotely. The proposed design aims in reducing the burden of the user in monitoring the water level and makes it a user-friendly system.


· Usage of IoT based technologies to monitor water level in real-time.

· Design a warn alert system to detect the water wastage.

· Designed specifically for domestic purpose and agricultural purpose.


· As we know water plays the most important role in human life and really essential for agriculture, industries, domestic consumption. Most of the research studies have shown that there is a higher shortage of water, there are many countries which even don’t get clean water and sustain on very limited amount of water.

· In spite of various problems regarding the water issues, we can see every now and then there is an excess wastage of water. We use more water than we are meant to use and it unnecessary creates an imbalance.

· Efficient water management has become a major issue for many countries and water industries. Using ICT, researchers are coming up with self-learning systems known as Smart water system (SWS), having the capability to manage water more efficiently.

· River waters and other water bodies are important parts of the ecosystem and the main source of water supply for cities. Hence, their quality needs to be monitored assuring contamination-free water to the consumers and protecting the ecosystem.

Companies that help in water monitoring and water management:

· Ketos: It provides an IoT-based water solution for applications in smart buildings, schools, and cities. The actionable water analytics platform provides water management and safety solutions. The solution consists of patented hardware and an analytics platform.

· FREDsense: It has developed biosensors for detecting water-borne chemicals. The water sample is added to the cartridge of its product Field Ready Electrochemical Detector (FRED) wherein the engineered sensor bacteria detect chemical presence & produces an electrochemical signal. The process data is communicated through 3G, WIFI or a USB connection to a computer, mobile device or server.

· Badger Meter: This company provides IoT-based water management solutions for smart buildings. This also provide solutions to measure and control the flow of liquids with water meters having remote reading solutions.

· Olea Edge Analytics: They offer an IoT enabled solution for water utilities. The solution consists of proprietary hardware, software, and analytics. The hardware can be retrofittable to any existing meter for continuous monitoring of pipe leaks, failures, pressure, system performance, and water usage patterns. The web-based portal interfaces with the sensors and uses artificial intelligence and machine learning for enabling real-time analysis at the edge

Components Required:


· NodeMCU

· Ultrasonic sensor

· Motor Pump

· Soil Moisture sensor

· Relay

· Buzzer

· Breadboard

· Wires

· USB cables


· Arduino IDE

· Blynk

Real-Time Implementation:

Block Diagram



· We have used Ultrasonic sensor for measuring the water level

· We have used Soil Moisture sensor for measuring the soil’s moisture content.

· We have used Relay to drive the motor pump.

· We have used Buzzer and LED to indicate the status of motor pump and soil’s moisture level.

Dashboard of Blynk web app

Mobile App Layout

Running state of the app

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