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ESP32 Based Security Alarms Using IoT

What is ESP32 based Security Alarms using IoT ?

In this technological updated era, we won’t be really surprised if we hear things such as Smart Car, Smart Watch, Smart Bottle, Smart T-shirts and Smart Homes. These things are getting very popular nowadays, everywhere we go we can see the involvement of Internet of Things in our daily life. Security Alarms are generally designed to help people guard against risks of intrusions. Some of the alarm systems made are really good in the market but they don’t complete all the needs of the user. The existing systems doesn’t involve any smart technologies and without this involvement there won’t be any update if at all any risk/situation is caused.

The modern security alarms systems commonly called as Smart Security suites are updated, fast, convenient and easy to install and uses the concept of Internet of Things which makes them really smart. The designed security systems of today are technologically updated and their rapid responses and actions makes them really cool.

The above designed project involves the concept Internet of Things and it consists of an ESP32 cam module, a PIR sensor and a Telegram Bot. When someone enters through the door, the presence of a human will be detected by the PIR sensor and the camera installed on the door will capture the person’s image and the image will be sent to the user’s Telegram within seconds. In case if someone enters he/she can know easily by identifying the received photo in the Telegram app.


· Capture data(images) in real-time

· Sends images directly to the Telegram

· Availability of live streaming and still photo capture


· Convenience

· Cost savings

· Portability

· Controlled Access

· Security

· Efficiency

Reasons to switch to smart security systems:

· Protect valuables: As we all really love many items as jewelries, antiques, gifts and many more things we are really worried about when we keep them at home. The security alarms have one’s that can scare off many burglars and can notify local authorities.

· Deters crime rates: A studies in the past few years have shown that the increase in the number of security systems have really decreased the number of theft and burglary cases in many parts of the world. And it also helps in creating a safe neighborhood for people.

· Remote access of our homes: The updated security systems help in remote monitoring and controlling of our homes, we can monitor the security alarms as well as the other sensors connected to it.

· Notification alerts of serious situations: The option to receive alerts is very good as such when someone unknown enters, someone smokes or there is a gas leakage we can receive direct alerts to our phones and send help soon.

· Improve electricity management: Many security companies, such as Vivint, offer top quality smart home products like smart locks, video doorbells and smart thermostats, as part of their systems. This works as a great tool to turn lights on and off while you’re on vacation to help give the home the appearance that someone is there.

· Peaceful Ambience: The sense of security and comfort you gain with an alarm system is perhaps the greatest benefit of all. Adding a security system to your home gives you an extra layer of defense against any potential intruders.

Companies that deal in smart security systems:

Yale Sync: All the components are pre-paired to the hub, and its sensors are quick to trigger. It comes with internal and external sirens and that the 200m range of the system makes it effective for garages and shed protection. This kit doesn’t include a camera but you can buy Yale cameras that work with the alarm as optional extras — or pick this 9-piece kit with an indoor camera.

· Works with voice assistant: Yes — Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

· Maximum volume: 100 decibels

· Time backup battery provides: 8 hours

SimpliSafe Essentials Package: The system includes a security camera and only alerts you when it spots the same heat pattern as a human (so there are no false alerts). You need to subscribe to the external monitoring service (from £12.99 per month) to make the most of it. Without subscribing, you won’t be able to view recordings from the camera or get sensor activation alerts to your phone. There’s no external alarm either. SimpliSafe does offer other packages, though, with extra sensors and key fobs.

· Works with voice assistant: Yes — Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

· Maximum volume: 95 decibels

· Time backup battery provides: 24 hours

Abode Smart Security Kit: Abode’s system is a good option for its compatibility with over 160 smart home products. You can connect it up to the likes of Yale’s security cameras and locks to Lifx and Philips Hue smart lights. From there, you could set it up so that when you leave your home, the system arms itself and turns off your speakers and lights, too. On test, the siren went off without a delay when anything triggered the window, door or motion sensors. It also sends an alert to your phone. You will need a monthly subscription, though. Prices range from £3.59 to £17.99 but the most basic plan doesn’t include the home automation feature — the cheapest option to include this is £7.99 per month.

Ring Alarm 5-piece kit: This smart alarm comes with a subscription service to a mobile data connection, just in case. It can also call three chosen emergency contacts if you don’t respond to the alarm. This service does cost £8 per month or £80 for the year, though. On test, we found the smart alarm was simple to install and sends speedy alerts when something triggered any of the sensors. It works best with Ring video doorbells or wifi security cameras, as you can set up cameras to record when the sensors activate. It’s impressive how loud and clear the siren is, but most homes will need to buy extra window/door sensors to create a comprehensive system.

Minut: This small ceiling-mounted indoor smart alarm is a motion detector and siren in one device. It’s designed to cover only one room, so we recommend you put it in an entrance hallway. We found it was simple to arm and disarm and the motion detection was accurate, with a responsive siren. We love that it also lets you know when other alarms are going off, such as a smoke or CO2 detector. Most homes would need several to watch over the property — which would be pricey. It also had the quietest alarm of all that we tested and there’s no external monitoring service.

Eufy 5-Piece Home Alarm Kit: Eufy’s weatherproof security camera comes with a pair of open/close sensors, a motion sensor and a keypad so you can speedily arm or disarm the system. There’s no external monitoring option, but the entry sensors and motion detectors have a battery that goes for 2 years, according to Eufy.

Hive Homeshield: Hive (owned by British Gas’ parent firm, Centrica) is best known for smart thermostats but also makes smart bulbs, plugs, cameras and security systems too. The starter kit is ideal as it’ll get you the main hub, a siren, keypad, sensors for your front and back door as well as a motion sensor for the hallway. The brand also offers different packs that include cameras and extra sensors, depending on the size of your home.

Components Required:


· ESP32 cam module

· PIR Sensor

· FTDI programmer module

· Breadboard

· Jumper wires

· USB Cable


· Arduino IDE

· Telegram messaging service — Telegram Bot

Real-Time Implementation:


· Vcc pin of the ESP32 cam module is connected to the Vcc pin of the

· FTDI programmer module

· GND pin of the ESP32 cam module is connected to the GND pin of the FTDI programmer module

· UoT pin of the ESP32 cam module is connected to the Rx pin of the FTDI programmer module

· UoR pin of the ESP32 cam module is connected to the Tx pin of the FTDI programmer module

· Vcc pin of the PIR sensor is connected to the Vcc pin of the ESP32 cam module

· GND pin of the PIR sensor is connected to the GND pin of the ESP32 cam module

· Data pin of the PIR sensor is connected to the Io13 pin of the ESP32 cam module

· Note: Always remember to connect Io0 and GND when the program is being uploaded and after the program is uploaded to the board, we need to remove these connections.

Final Output:

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